For more than 40 years, the expert craftsmen at Morin Boats have led the restoration, construction and maintenance on some of the most unique and sought-after wooden race boats, runabouts in the country. Every attention to detail is painstakingly thought out and carried through to the end. And at the end of a project that attention to detail is evident.


Perfection. Plain and simple. From the finish to the historical authenticity of the hardware, Morin Boats aims to deliver water-ready, museum-worthy boats.

Boat Builders

Doug Morin

Troy Guthrie
Started: October 1988
Favorite Restoration: Imp
Favorite Boat Ride: My Darling
Specialties: Woodworking
Likes: Fishing and family time

Trevor Morin
Started: June 1991
Favorite Restoration: My Darling
Favorite Boat Ride: My Sweetie & Skol
Specialties: Finish work and woodworking
Likes: Hunting, fishing, wake boarding, spending time with family, friends and my dog.

Brad Tennant
Started: February 1998
Favorite Restoration: Imp
Favorite Boat Ride: Lockpat
Specialties: Electrical rigging and woodworking

Likes: Camping, outdoor activities, family time, RC.

Zach Nuffer
Started: March 2011
Favorite Restoration: Wyndcrest
Favorite Boat Ride: Amy Ann
Specialties: Woodworking and rigging
Likes: Hunting and outdoor activities with family and friends

Brian VanHurk
Started: October 2015
Favorite Restoration: Seabird
Specialties: Maintenance and tear down
Likes: Camping, canoeing, and swimming


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